Circuit Bungalows – ஏற்றுமதி விவசாயத் திணைக்களம்

Circuit Bungalows

சுற்றுலா​ விடுதிகள்

விண்ணப்ப படிவத்தைப் பதிவிறக்கவும்

கட்டணம் திருத்தப்பட்ட அறிக்கை

Facility ProvidedDepartment / MinistryOther Public Institutes
Accommodation per head per dayNuwaraeliya – Rs.200/-Nuwaraeliya – Rs.500/-Nuwaraeliya – Rs. 500/-Nuwaraeliya – Rs. 1000/-
Matara – Rs.200/-Matara – Rs. 500/-Matara- රු. 500/-Matara – Rs.1000/-
Entire circuit bungalow per dayNuwaraeliya Rs.3500/-Nuwaraeliya Rs. 5000/-Nuwaraeliya Rs. 7500/-
Matara – Rs. 3500/-Matara – Rs. 5000/-Matara – Rs. 7500/-
Circuit Bungalow, Matale(per head per day) Rs. 200/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 1000/-
Entire circuit bungalow per day Rs.3500/-Entire circuit bungalow per day Rs.5000/-Entire circuit bungalow per day Rs.7500/-
Matters to be noted when reserving Circuit Bungalows
  • While actions must be taken as per the instructional manual for officers reserving circuit Bungalows, the rules and regulations contained therein must be adhered by you.
  • The circuit bungalow in Nuwaraeliya consists of two rooms that can accommodate 04 persons.  if accommodation is sought for more than four persons, the entire circuit bungalow could be reserved. However, the number of person accommodation is sought for at a given time must not exceed 10.
  • If the necessity arises for urgent reservations for the officers of this Department, officers of the Ministry, officers of the Presidential Investigation Unit or Audit Officer, the Director General of the Department of Export Agriculture has the right to limit the number of days of your reservation or cancel the reservation of the Circuit Bangalore on any occasion.
  • Prior to your leaving the circuit bungalow, relevant notes must be made in the register and signed, and take action to obtain the receipt after setting the fares relating to the reservation of the circuit bungalow. In order to confirm an official reservation, the copies of the relevant documents (letters of assigning duties) must be handed over to the circuit bungalow keeper.
  • The Circuit Bungalow in Palolpitiya consists of three rooms having accommodation for 6 persons. If accommodation is sought for more than 6 persons the entire Bangalore could be reserved. However, the number accommodating at a given time must not exceed 10.
  • If you are not able to stay in the circuit bungalow on the booked days, the fee will not be refunded for any reason.