Economics Research unit

Economics Research unit

Head/ Research Officer Miss. A.P.P Disna, BSc.(Agric), M.Phil (Lond.)
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StatisticianMrs. P.N. Uyanege
Development AssistantMrs. A. Wijesooriya, B.A
Development AssistantMrs. B.G.D Priyangika, B.A
Development AssistantMr. G.G.A Bandara, B.A
Development AssistantMr. A. Fahim, B.A
Development AssistantMr. S. Edirisinghe, B.A
Development AssistantMrs. Sagarika N Gamage, B.A
Development AssistantMrs. Priyanthi Dolapihilla, B.A
Development AssistantMr. M. Junaideen, B.A


  • Conducting studies on production and marketing of Export Agriculture Crops in order to prepare sound farm management strategies and formulate methods for better resource allocation;
  • Formulation and evaluation of sector specific projects for EAC development
  • Collection and maintenance of statistical data on all aspects of EAC cultivation and marketing
  • Monitoring and evaluation of EAC assistance scheme to examine the effectiveness

Current Programs

  • A statistical analysis of long term behavior of market variables of pepper
  • Ex-post assessment of the effectiveness of Productivity Improvement Program of the Department conducted during 2003-2007 period.
  • Revision of cost of production estimates of Export Agriculture Crops


  • Collection and compilation of weekly farm gate prices for all EAC from 14 growing districts and release the summaries to Radio Programs and News Papers
  • Disseminate wide coverage of statistical data on production and marketing of EAC to General Public

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