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National Spice Garden

National Spice Garden

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Tel: +94 66 222 2822, +94 66 223 1249
Opening hours : 0830 – 1600

a.    Historical overview

Having a huge source of indigenous spices within the country as well as a long history of spice trade with their intrinsic qualities throughout the world, maintaining the name “Sri Lankan Spices” is extremely important. However, there should be a better way of dissemination right information to the local and foreign tourists and other stakeholders of the sector, hence proposed to launch a spice garden concept with entire involvement of Department of Export Agriculture. Construction of the National spice garden was initiated in the year 2008 as a concept of Mr. Regenold Cooray, who was the former minister for the ministry of Plantation. The spice garden was completed and opened for public in 2015. Cultivation practices of the most important spice crops are exhibited there and annually hundreds of individuals including the general public, students of Universities and other higher education institutes, school students, researches of Sri Lankan and foreign institutes, businessmen and those who are interested in photography visit this park and receive the service. This service including the visit and demonstration is provided free of charge and for the convenience of the visitors, steps are being taken to establish an information centre and a sales outlet.

The construction activities of the information centre and sales centre have been completed now. Both facilities will be opened to the general public soon. The information centre will provide the facilities of a mini library, rest rooms and an information desk to facilitate the visitors. The sales centre contains product outlets, specimen display, and a plant sale.

 Dr. Ananda Subasinghe, the director of Betel and Intercropping Research Station: Narammala took the initiative of this current state of development of the National Spice Garden.

The National Spice Garden will be successful and fruitful “Techno Park” for all interested groups while collecting true information on spices and allied crops, can be used to reduce the gap between researchers and stakeholders through technology transfer under different disciplines.

b.    Details (extent, crops & other)

Extent: Total extent 8 ha. Stage one 4 ha completed Crops: Live specimens of all export agriculture crops, and medicinal crops